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Wall -mounted boiler manufacturers: What problems need to pay attention to applications during the non -heating period of wall -hung boilers?



Wall -mounted boiler manufacturers: What problems need to pay attention to applications during the non -heating period of wall -hung boilers?

Wall -mounted boiler manufacturers: What problems need to pay attention to applications during the non -heating period of wall -hung boilers?

To consider the system water pressure, the standard value is displayed in the (LCD display or) gas pressure meter, and 1.2-1.5Bar should be maintained.

Pay attention not to change the flue, disassemble, and do not hang dirt and clothes on the fluff.

When the application environment is sanitary boiling water, the temperature adjustment is appropriate at the temperature adjustment of the wall -hung boiler, and the boiling water application is opened at the tap water.

If a wall -mounted boiler cannot be used for a long time in the summer, it is proposed that the customer will turn it off to the water valve, natural gas valve, and switching power supply of the wall -hung boiler. (This is not suitable during the heating period) After entering the non -heating period, the wall -mounted boiler does not need drainage.


Wall -mounted boiler manufacturers: What are the conditions for wall -mounted boilers in the home?

First of all, you must have a separate system in your home heating system. Originally, but you are now going to be replaced with high -quality wall -mounted stoves.

In the second place, you need natural gas supply at home; there is a suitable wall -hung boiler assembly address that can be suspended machine equipment and can ensure that the combustion organic exhaust gas can be discharged smoothly; the lighting power supply and drinking water supply firmly believes that it is not a problem for you.

Wall -mounted boiler manufacturers: How to choose the right wall -mounted boiler?

Because the installation of wall -mounted boilers in my house is basically used for heating, and then the effect of living hot water. Therefore, when choosing a wall -hung boiler, we must first understand the efficacy of home gas wall -hung boilers, and then choose the appropriate wall -hung boiler output power according to the heat consumption required by everyone in the room. For example, the more common wall -hung boiler output power on the market is 18kW ~ 25KW up and down. When you choose, you are generally selected by the following methods.

①: Selection basis: The important basis for our selection of wall -hung boilers is based on the total construction area and the use coefficient of use. For some good insulation and insulation, the total area of our unit must be 120W per square meter. If the insulation layer is good, so choose 80W per square meter. The opinions and suggestions are that you can basically choose 120W per square meter to love rural self -built houses.

② Example: For example, some houses with a total construction area of less than 120 square meters, so that we choose a stove with a furnace of the furnace, and generally choose a furnace with a rated power of 18KW, which must not exceed 20kW. For example, the total construction area of my family is around 120 square meters to 180 square meters. The actual power of the rated value of the wall -hung boiler is basically 24KW, which must not exceed 26kW. For example, my family has a total construction area of more than 180 square meters, and some even achieve 250 square meters. The rated power of the wall -hung boiler is basically 30kW.

Wall -mounted boiler manufacturers: Xiaobian will no longer do too much explanation. If you need the purchase of wall -mounted boilers or installation matters, we can entrust our wall -hung boiler manufacturers to do it.



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