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Wall -mounted boiler manufacturers: Introduce the use of sky gas wall -mounted boilers and the matters before the construction of its wall -mounted boiler



Wall -mounted boiler manufacturers: Introduce the use of sky gas wall -mounted boilers and the matters before the construction of its wall -mounted boiler

Wall -mounted boiler manufacturers: Introduce the use of sky gas wall -mounted boilers and the matters before the construction of its wall -mounted boiler

Since many rural areas are the first time to assemble wall -mounted boilers, this is the first application. There is no work experience for it and do not know how to use it. Therefore, people do not know how to start in winter. In the case, we must first look at how to use the gas wall -mounted boiler. The second, we must remember what matters before the construction of the wall -hanging boiler.



Wall -mounted boiler manufacturers: Tianshi gas wall -mounted boiler used

Natural gas wall -mounted boiler itself is a kind of heating equipment. When customers need to heating, they can directly select the control gear of the wall -hanging boiler to start heating. Natural gas wall -mounted stoves have a strong central heating effect of the family, which can meet the needs of the heating market of multi -residential houses. The cold and heating effect of natural gas wall -hung boilers is affected by the two factors of local natural conditions and the heat insulation of their houses.

1. When the wall -hung boiler starts the motor to enter the state, the centrifugal fan first runs the negative pressure difference in the combustion warehouse. The wind pressure switch sends the command to the centrifugal pump. After the pump is started, the water flow switch sends the command to the high -voltage discharger. The command is sent to the gas ratio valve, and the gas ratio valve begins.

2. Because there are negative pressure in the burning warehouse, the gas gas does not gather the combustion, and there will be no explosion. Completing the quiet and indifferent mute, which also prevents the occurrence of risk events. Stablize.

3. Some customers are worried about gas safety problems because they do not understand the principle of operation control of the gas ratio valve of wall -hung boilers. The gas ratio valve and air pressure switch and smoke and dust sensors are controlled. During the work, when the 5S smoke and dust sensor is not tested by organic exhaust gas, the gas ratio valve is disconnected to terminate the air path to fully ensure the safe use of gas.

Wall -mounted boiler manufacturers: matters before the construction of wall -hung boilers

1. Before buying sky gas wall -mounted boilers, we must first determine whether it is paired with your family's sky gas.

2. As a dedicated equipment, the assembly must be carried out by professionals. This should be considered when you buy the sky gas wall -mounted boiler (for example, whether your favorite heating furnace brand is given this professional service service to this specialized service. .

3. Before the construction of the sky gas wall -mounted boiler, you must carefully read the installation manual in the outer packaging of the article, and pay attention to your machine and equipment early.

4. Before the construction of wall -mounted boilers, you must first understand and embed the appropriate position -try to install the wall -hung boiler on the water resources, pneumatic valves, switching power supply, and water resources; secondary, natural ventilation restaurant kitchen, living balcony, living balcony The equipment room is very introduced by the installation method of wall -hung boilers; the wall surface of the suspension sky gas wall hanging stove must be bearing beams, and it is not impatient wall. If the assembly position is flammable material, the heat insulation should be used, and the distance between the anti -thermal plate and the wall should be higher than 10mm.

5. Wall -mounted boilers generally add assembly or support racks when purchasing. This should be installed on the wall in advance, and keep in mind that when opening the hole The overall body is not easy to skew.

Wall -mounted boiler manufacturers: Xiaobian will no longer do too much explanation. If you need the purchase of wall -mounted boilers or installation matters, we can entrust our wall -hung boiler manufacturers to do it.



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