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Wall -mounted boiler manufacturers introduce the characteristics of wall -mounted boilers



Wall -mounted boiler manufacturers introduce the characteristics of wall -mounted boilers

Wall -mounted boiler manufacturers introduce the characteristics of wall -mounted boilers

1. Set the heating time and open it at any time.

Within a certain range, we can raise randomly around the quality of indoor air. At the same time, household gas wall -mounted boilers can not only give water to our daily lives, but also save us indoor space and their assets. The safety coefficient of hot water is relatively high.

2. The power energy used in household gas wall -mounted boilers is natural gas or liquefied gas in large cities. Each family can hear within 300 square meters.

3. Home gas wall -mounted boiler can be equipped with a timer. We can set the running time before going out. After entering the house, we can feel warmth.

4. Every family can set up a heating system by themselves. This will not only solve our own heating problems, but also solve the problem of hot water supply.

5. The charging standards are more reasonable. The gas consumption they use can be accurately analyzed. The gas supply they use can be manipulated by ourselves to save the application of liquefied gas.


6. Whether it is the restaurant kitchen, the announcement room or the balcony of the restaurant of everyone's house, it can be equipped with the heat pipe radiator through the wiring of the heat pipe, which can not only give boiling water but also heating, but also the effect is very good.

7. After adding the room temperature in the room, you can adjust the different temperature of the house. If there is no one in our room, reduce the ambient temperature a little, so that we can ensure that our own cooling circulating water or equipment is not easy freeze.

The use of wall -mounted boilers is standardized. I hope that every owner can remember when applying it to ensure the safe use of wall -mounted boilers to protect themselves and family members and neighbors next door. The characteristics of the wall -mounted boiler are also very unique. When buying a wall -hung boiler, you must take a good look at which one you must and which one to buy.

Wall -mounted boiler manufacturers: how to clean and maintain maintenance

1. After connecting the cleaning machinery with the wall -hung boiler, clean up the system with a warm water circulation system for 10 minutes. Check whether there are leaks in the system and remove the rust. The surface layer stripper and slow release agent are added to the cooler cooling circulating water in the groove body proportion, and the circulating system is cleaned up for 20min.

2. If there is no one in the winter home for a long time, you must exhaust the water in the pipelines of the wall -mounted boiler and heating system, and disconnect the water, electricity, and pneumatic valves to prevent the heating system and the heating system and the air -stop condition caused by the occurrence. The wall -mounted boiler system is frozen, the burst heating system and the wall -hung boiler system pipeline causes hidden dangers of water seepage accidents in the heating system.

3. In the autumn and winter winter, the wall -hanging boiler will be cleaned again and the fish tank changing water, but the pressure must not exceed 1.5. When the work pressure is too high, you need to open a set of diligent pads to release some water.

4. Please clean the wall -hung boilers on time. Wall -mounted boiler application of hot water circulation heating. Due to water quality problems, it has a certain erosion effect on wall -mounted stoves and gas tablets for a long time. The impurities in the water will cause the circulating pump and heat exchanger of the wall -hung boiler to cause adverse effects, reduce the efficient rate of heat exchangers, and reduce the period of use of centrifugal pumps.

Wall -mounted boiler manufacturers: Now it is explained here. If you need the purchase and customization of wall -hung boilers, please consult our wall -hung boiler manufacturers.



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