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How to use the wall -mounted boiler manufacturer introduced the use of wall -hung boilers



How to use the wall -mounted boiler manufacturer introduced the use of wall -hung boilers

How to use the wall -mounted boiler manufacturer introduced the use of wall -mounted boilers

1. Irrigation

After installing the wall -mounted boiler, a certain amount of water is introduced into the wall -hung boiler, and water is filled with water from the water replenishment valve to the heating furnace. Pay special attention to the water pressure gauge of the wall -mounted boiler. When it reaches 1.5bar, the irrigation can be terminated.

2. Open the wall hanging boiler

Put the total power switch of all wall -mounted boilers, and insert the power of the wall -hung boiler into the power to start moving.

3. Selection of methods

Wall -mounted boilers generally have two different ways: heating and hot water. Therefore, there will be two ways of roads on it. In winter, we can use wall -mounted boilers to give heating and living hot water functions, and it is relatively limited to supply boiling water. Can be converted according to customer selection. If it is in the summer, a wall -hung boiler can be set up in the standby mode, and the boiling water can be run when using boiling water.

Wall -mounted boiler manufacturers: Wall -hung boiler use specifications

1. Be sure to finish the type of gas on the product label of the wall -mounted boiler. Stele body such as sky gas and natural gas cannot be used. If you use a kind of acquisition, you must use this. Dangerous accidents occur.

2. Wall -mounted stoves are installed in the kitchen or a closed life balcony. The sun cannot be irradiated. It is not recommended to be installed in the bathroom.

3. In the living environment of zero -degree Celsius in the winter, do not turn off the wall -mounted boiler, ensure that the wall -hanging boiler is plugged in and versatile at any time, and the wall -hanging boiler is frozen. If it is not used in winter for a long time, the heating system and water in the wall -mounted stove are discharged out.

Hot water is the basic function of wall -mounted boilers. The wall -mounted boiler has a strong coordination ability and can flexibly manipulate the heating temperature of each room in winter. In addition, it can also provide comfortable temperature control daily life in summer.



Wall -mounted boiler manufacturers: What should I pay attention to when the assembly of wall -mounted boilers

1. Wall -mounted stoves should be installed in areas where natural gas, switching power supply, and convenient and fast exhaust pipes, and the choice of general cabinet or living balcony. Wall -mounted stoves are prohibited from being assembled in the living room, toilet, closed unnatural ventilation houses, outdoor, villa basement, thoroughly closed kitchen cabinets and its flammable and explosive items. The area where the wall -mounted boiler should not be too wet and cold, otherwise the circuit board in the wall hanging furnace will be eroded.

2. When the wall -mounted furnace flue is installed, there should be a certain degree of inclined, and the outdoor flue is lower than the room. Otherwise, the high -temperature smoke is exhausted outside the flue, and the condensation water will be injected into the wall -mounted boiler back, and the rain precipitation will flow back to the wall -mounted boiler. If a part of the vertical flue is exceeded 500mm, it is necessary to modify the supporting condensing water collection device, otherwise it will also It will cause the water vapor in the dust to condense the current.

3. The assembly of wall -mounted boilers must be positive or effective design schemes, and strive to be short, less, and coarse. Establishing qualified floor heating installation companies to assemble.

4. The link between the sky gas pipeline and the natural gas combustor must use a special pipeline of natural gas. The connection must not be connected to the hemp, and the raw tape must be used. After the gas pipeline is installed, the natural gas valve is turned on, and there is no leakage in the connection part.

Wall -mounted boiler manufacturers: Now it is explained here. If you need the purchase and customization of wall -hung boilers, please consult our wall -hung boiler manufacturers.



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