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Wall -mounted boiler manufacturers introduce the principle and harm of wall -hung furnace dirt



Wall -mounted boiler manufacturers introduce the principle and harm of wall -hung furnace dirt

Wall -mounted boiler manufacturers introduce the principle and harm of wall -hung furnace dirt

Wall -mounted boiler manufacturers said that the key problem of the fireplace is the heat exchange efficiency and service life, and the scale is the biggest factor affecting these two aspects. Especially when we use the hot water of social life, because companies need to continue to replenish new water, the water quality of most rural areas across the country is relatively hard, and the scale of heat exchangers has greatly increased. As the scale attached to the inner wall of the thermal exchanger becomes thicker, the diameter of the heat exchanger becomes thinner and the water flow is not smooth. This not only increases the load of the pump and heat exchanger, but also improves the heat exchange efficiency of the wall -hung boiler. It will also be greatly reduced, mainly manifested in the increase in gas volume of wall -mounted boilers, insufficient heating, hot water when hot water is hot, and the heat water is reduced.



If the heat exchange parts of the wall -mounted boiler have always been in such a high load working state, the damage to the wall -mounted boiler will be very serious, especially the plate heat exchanger, so users should pay special attention when choosing, try to choose the sleeve type, try to choose the sleeve type type, and try to choose the sleeve type type. Water heater. And we also need to choose a wall -mounted boiler with a closed teaching design, so that there is no oxygen in the atmosphere, so it is impossible for enterprises to combine with calcium, magnesium, sodium, etc. in the water, so the probability of scaling is reduced.

The impact of shallow analysis of impurities and scale of wall -mounted boiler manufacturers

The wall -mounted boiler is responsible for the water cycle in the heating system. Because water contains impurities and is acidic, it will corrode the radiator and the pipeline to a certain extent. Most of the radiator we use is made of cast iron. During the installation of the project, the sand -type residue and other impurities in the radiator cannot be completely rinsed. Essence Therefore, the rust residues inside the radiator and the pipeline and the impurities in the water itself will enter the circulating water pump of the wall -mounted boiler for heat exchange. These impurities are constantly decomposed under high temperature conditions, and some of them have become stains attached to the inner wall of the heat exchanger, making the pipe diameter thinner. In this way, the pressure of circulating water pumps further increases. Long -term operation will cause wall -hung boiler circulating water pump speed to reduce the enterprise and even stuck, and seriously affect its network life.

Should not change water frequently

Wall -mounted boiler manufacturers said that for the heating system, because the radiator has a large amount of impurities in the first use, it is recommended to re -inject new water after using dirty water for one year, and replace it in a few years. Because each time we change water, we will bring a large amount of water and alkali in China by ourselves, and the alkali content in fixed water is certain; therefore, the water in the heating technology system should not be replaced frequently. After a heating season, if it is cleaned and maintained, you only need to perform a wall -mounted boiler alone.

Reminder: In the early stages of installation, the wall -mounted boiler should clean the connected heat sink, clean the pipeline in the non -warm season, and regularly clean the wall -hanging boiler.

Regular maintenance

It can improve the thermal exchange efficiency of wall -mounted boilers and reduce gas consumption. After comparison of research and experiments, the two wall -mounted boilers running by the enterprise under the same economic conditions, the wall -hung boilers that have been cleaned and maintained by data are significantly about 25 % faster than a wall -mounted boiler with cleaning and maintenance. Clean and maintain. On the basis of about 25 % solar terms. If the gas consumption of a house per 100 square meters is about 600 yuan/month, then the use of wall-mounted boilers for one year (including the heating season) can save about 800-1000 yuan.



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