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"MiSon" brand wall -mounted boiler won the "Top Ten Brands in the Chinese Wall -Hanging Storne Industry"



Congratulations to the "MiSon" brand gas wall -hung boiler, gas water heater, and electric wall -mounted boiler series products produced by TexasDezhou MiSon Cooling And Heating Technology Co., Ltd.

Congratulations to the "MiSon" brand gas wall -hung boiler, gas water heater, and electric wall -mounted boiler series products produced by Dezhou MiSON Cooling And Heating Technology Co. LTD. 



Dezhou MiSon Cooling And Heating Technology Co., Ltd.  is a high -tech enterprise specializing in the development, production, and sales of thermal energy equipment, refrigeration equipment, and sales. The principle of integrity service and social responsibility "provides society and users with energy -saving and environmentally friendly products and first -class services. The company always takes quality and security as the mission, combining scientific and technological innovation, energy conservation and environmental protection, and carefully creating every product satisfied by users!

MiSon Company guarantees that the main components adopt domestic first -tier brands, and pass the testing and debugging. The product quality meets the relevant domestic standards; ensures that it will provide products that pass the testing of the national authoritative testing department and issue corresponding certificates; issue a after -sales after -sales to each user. Service card, establish a technical file for each wall -hung boiler, and establish a fixed contact system.

When the customer needs to serve the service, the technician guarantees 4 hours in the city, rushed to the scene 24 hours in the province, and guaranteed that any failure was excluded within 24 hours. Essence Wall -mounted boilers use more concentrated areas to organize the training, use and basic maintenance of wall -mounted boiler operations every year, and they are free to choose to participate by users. For the products during the warranty period, the warranty and maintenance do not charge any fees, and only the cost of the material for products that exceed the warranty period. During the warranty period, the technicians were maintained and maintained on the wall -hung boiler of each customer, and the contract was signed separately outside the warranty period. MiSon company guarantees that the products provided by the branches and offices provided are joint insurance.

MiSon improves the quality of life with the power of science and technology, and give back to the society with sincerity!

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