MS-10 Gas wall mounted boiler super-value

Natural gas wall mounted gas boiler for hot water room heating. High quality: high efficiency, saving space, energy efficient, heat efficiency up to 92%. Wall hung gas boiler and electric wall mounted boiler


MS-10 gas wall-mounted boiler super-value

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Products Description

MS-10 Features

Samrt controller

China famous brand heat exchangers, burners and gas proportional valve

Stainless steel smoke exhaust pipe

●Thermal efficiency up to 92%, Tier 2 energy consumption

▶Atmospheric combustion scheme design

▶Compatible with 220V AC, DC high pressure gas valve

▶Multiple failure, antifreeze, temperature,life protection mechanism

▶PID automatically adapts to hot water fast constant temperature algorithm

▶Built-in igniter design, ion flame detection system

▶Compatible with water pressure detection sensors

▶The fan shell is made of aluminum shell.

▶High performance ball bearings, low noise operation





▶Energy-saving heat exchanger.

▶Copper heat exchangers have strong thermal conductivity.

▶Thermal efficiency over 90%.

▶Efficient anti-corrosion treatment for extended service life.



▶Good sealing, corrosion resistance, durable.

▶Safe and reliable Large wire package, high power, strong pulling force.

▶Good heat dissipation, durable, high temperature resistance.




▶406 Stainless steel

▶Resistant to corrosion

▶Not easily oxidized

▶Long service life



▶Domestic famous brand: nine and air pressure switch

▶Ensure that the equipment can close the gas channel in time when the exhaust air is not smooth, so as to avoid gas leakage and protect personal safety.




Name  Technical Parameters
Standard                  GB25034-2010    GB20665-2015
Model     L1PB20     L1PB24     L1PB28
Gas Type NG
Rated Gas Pressure 2000Pa
Working Gas Pressure 1500-3000Pa
Gas flow(m³/h) 2 2.4 2.8
Rated Max.Heat Input(KW) 20 24 28
Rated Max.Heat Output(KW) 18 21 25.2
Min. Heat Input(KW) 8 9.6 11.2
Min. Heat Output(KW) 7.2 8.6 10
Rated Power(W) 120 120 140
Voltage/Frequency 220v/50hz
Heating reference area() 100 130 160
Working Water Pressure 0.3Mpa
Max Temperature 80
Systerm temperature range 30-80
Expansion tank (L) 6 6 8
Heating temperature setting range 30-50
Hot water Setting Temperature Range 30-65
output rate of hot water (t=30k) (t=30k) (t=30k)
Min. start-up flow 3L/Min
Working Water Pressure 0.05-0.8Mpa
Heating Input/Output G3/4”
Hot water Input/Output G1/2”
Gas Input G3/4”
Product Dimensions(mm) 740x400x310 740x400x310 740x460x310
Weight(kg) 33 34 36
Exhaust pipe(mm)  60mmx100mm
Appliance and Water protection grade IPx4D

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