Electric water heater DSF-5.5-38

This is a high-quality hot water heater, an integrated control system to adjust the temperature freely for ease of use for the consumer. When it’s turned on it will supply endless hot water instantly without waiting and it includes a clear temperature display. It has Multi-level protections to ensure safety and features anti-freezing device, control system that disables the heater in the presence of flammable gas. It is compact and can be on mounted the wall.


Electric water heater DSF-5.5-38

Electric boilers are highly energy efficient

wall mounted electric boiler

electric boiler for radiator/floor heating

electric heating boiler

central heating electric domestic boiler


Products Description

Mode: DSF-5.5-38,Power: 5.5KW

Capacity: 38L,Rated pressure: 0.7MPa

Control mode: computer/constant temperature


Built-in four anti-electric wall system, special anti-over-temperature, anti-dry burn, fault self-inspection and other ten security intelligent protection system.

The seventh-generation concentrated energy superconducting stainless steel 840 heating technology, anti-scaling, anti-corrosion, water and electricity separation.

Exquisite appearance, delicate texture, an excellent substitute for drum water heaters.

Implicit display window, LED dynamic color screen display.

The temperature is set according to the season, so you can enjoy the bath easily all year round.

Fast heating,  and the water volume is large. It is an ideal companion for top spray and bathtub.

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