Intelligent electric boiler electric heater heater 400KW


Intelligent electric boiler electric heater heater 400KW

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What is an electric boiler?

Electric boilers are also called electric heating boilers and electric heating boilers. As the name suggests, it uses electricity as energy and converts it into heat energy, and then converts it through the boiler to output steam, high-temperature water or organic heat carrier with a certain amount of heat energy. The electric hot water boiler is a fully automatic environmental protection boiler that uses advanced electric heating technology and control system to produce hot water and meet the needs of heating or supplying hot water for living and bathing.

The heating methods of electric boilers include electromagnetic induction heating method and resistance (electric heating tube) PTC ceramic semiconductor heating method. The resistance heating method is divided into stainless steel heating tube electric boiler and ceramic heating tube electric boiler. Tubular electric heating elements are used for heating, and oxide semiconductor ceramic sheets are used for semiconductor type, and water and electricity are completely separated.

Electric boilers are easy to superimpose and combine in structure, flexible in control, higher in safety factor, and convenient in maintenance and replacement.

Electric hot water boilers are also called electric heating boilers, electric heating boilers, electric heating boilers, electric bath boilers, electric bath boilers, etc. These boilers are widely used in hotels, villas, factories, office buildings, government agencies, colleges and universities, hospitals Domestic hot water and heating in places with high appearance requirements such as troops and troops.


What is an electric heating furnace?

Electric heating furnace, also known as electric heating furnace, the full name is electric heating boiler, the term is electric hot water boiler, which belongs to a kind of electric boiler. Electric heating boiler is a kind of heating equipment that converts electric energy into heat energy and directly releases heat or circulates heat medium in heating pipes to meet heating needs. It belongs to the category of electric hot water boilers.

According to different heating tubes, electric heating boilers can be divided into ceramic heating tube electric heating boilers and stainless steel heating tube electric heating boilers. According to whether they are pressure-bearing, they can be divided into atmospheric pressure electric heating boilers and pressure-bearing electric heating boilers. The use needs to be supervised by the technical supervision department, and it is not as safe as atmospheric electric heating boilers, so more and more units and families choose electric heating boilers.


What is the difference between electric heating furnace and electric boiler?

The distinction between electric heating furnace and electric boiler. The similarities between the electric heating furnace and the electric boiler are that electricity is used as the energy source, and the electric energy is efficiently converted into heat energy through circulating water as the medium.

The difference between electric heating furnaces and electric boilers is that electric heating furnaces are only used in the heating industry, and their volume and power are relatively small; while electric boilers are not only used in large-scale heating industries, but also in other industries that require hot water. The power and volume of electric boilers for general industrial or large-scale heating purposes are relatively large.

Household electric boilers have the same functions as household electric heating furnaces. Household electric boilers are generally smaller in size and power, and the plug-in is more beautiful.

Multiple electric heating furnaces can be combined and operated in parallel, which can also realize the use of large electric boilers.

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