New electric boilers 120KW

Household electric boilers have the same functions as household electric heating furnaces. Household electric boilers are generally smaller in size and power, and the plug-in is more beautiful. Multiple electric heating furnaces can be combined and operated in parallel, which can also realize the use of large electric boilers. Professional boiler manufacture, domestic boiler ,commercial boiler, industrial boiler,


New electric heaters 120KW

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Name:Dual-core second-generation electric boiler

1.Segment timing function:

According to the needs, multiple time periods can be set for heating control.

2. Temperature adjustable function:

The water temperature can be adjusted arbitrarily from 20°C to 85°C, and the temperature difference (5°C to 20°C) can be set to meet the different needs of different customers.

3. Intelligent constant temperature:

When the set temperature is reached, the machine will stop for heat preservation, and the temperature will drop to the set minimum value, and then it will be heated by itself, and it will always maintain a constant temperature state.

4. Pump operating temperature setting:

The electric boiler is equipped with a special power socket for the circulating pump, which can control the opening and closing of the circulating pump according to the set temperature.

5. High temperature protection function:

High temperature probe, when the water temperature exceeds 95'C, it will automatically stop heating.

6. Low temperature antifreeze protection:

When it detects that the water temperature is lower than 3°C, it starts heating, and when the water temperature rises to 8°C, it automatically stops heating.

7. Multiple protection functions:

It has multiple protection functions against water shortage, short circuit, leakage, phase loss and overcurrent, making the operation safer.

8. Fault reminder function:

If the electric boiler fails, the display will automatically prompt the type of failure.



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