Wall Mounted Gas Boiler MS-5


Gas Wall-mounted boiler MS-5

wall-hung gas boiler

gas boiler heating

Gas Oil Steam Boiler

expansion tank for boiler

hot water boiler

hot water boiler for home

Products Description

MS-5 Features

●Large LCD screen display and highly senstive touch control design

●Quietly working envieronment (≦40db)

●All stainless steel material, no welding points and strong durability

China famous heat exchanger

Extra long warranty for 3 years

All aluminum super quiet blower, aluminum smoke pipe

●High configuration: WIFI intelligent remote operation

●Machine Ultra-thin design, occupying a small area, more beautiful.

●Temperature independent control, easy to use, safe and reliable.

●Aadding tertiary leakage protection

●High thermal efficiency, less gas consumption.

Introduction of product parts



Denmark Grundfos pumps

China first-line brand heat exchanger  

▶Energy-saving heat exchanger.

▶Copper heat exchangers have strong thermal conductivity.

▶Thermal efficiency over 90%.

▶Efficient anti-corrosion treatment for extended service life.

Italy Sit Proportional Valves


▶It is easier to realize remote or program control.

▶It can continuously and proportionally control the pressure and flow of the hydraulic system of the shearing machine, realize the control of the position, speed and force of the actuator, and can reduce the hydraulic pressure when the pressure changes.

▶Reduce the number of hydraulic components in the system and simplify the oil circuit.

▶Their output pressure and flow are not affected by load changes.

Aluminum super quiet blower, aluminum smoke pipe

 Special material expansion tank

Safety valves

▶H59 brass, upgraded material, longer service life

▶The pressure relief point is accurate and stable

▶Deep thread, no slippage, no out of position.


▶406 Stainless steel

▶Resistant to corrosion

▶Not easily oxidized

▶Long service life

Safety valvesWind pressure switch


Installation Diagram

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