Commercial Full Premixed Low Nitrogen Condensing Boiler MS-7

Adopt full premix condensing technology wall mounted gas boiler and electric boiler. high heat transfer efficiency commercial boiler for heating.


Commercial Full Premixed Low Nitrogen Condensing Boiler MS-7

Adopt full premix condensing technology

wall-mounted gas boiler

electric heating pipe of boiler water heater

wall mounted condensing natural gas hot water boiler

Products Description

MS-7 Features

●Adopt full premix condensing technology, air-fuel ratio is more reasonable

●Adopting silicon aluminum alloy heat exchanger with high heat transfer efficiency and high corrosion resistance

●High efficiency: thermal efficiency up to 109% (50° for outlet water and 30° for return water)

●Low emission: NOX emission is as low as 30mg/Nm³ or less (standard working condition)

●Microcomputer intelligent control, healthier operation

●Stable operation: European parts are used to ensure safe and reliable operation

●Easy to install and transport: small size and light weight

●Low maintenance cost

Silicon cast aluminum heat exchanger
▶More energy-saving and more environmentally friendly
Germany EBM papst,
▶Galvanized steel shell
▶The fan is made of metal integral die-casting
Extra long life ball bearings
▶Super good quality, durable
▶High power, large air volume, suitable for high-demand industrial machine heat dissipation or other modified DIY heat dissipation.
Honeywell Servo Regulated Gas Combination Valve

It is used to control and regulate the flow of gas in blast burners, atmospheric gas boilers, furnaces, incinerators and other gas installations.
DUNGS gas multifunctional combination regulator
▶It consists of filters,
Regulators, valves and pressure monitors are tightly combined.
▶Different structural forms of dirt deposition filtration can be realized through the combined system



Item Unit BWCC275M BWCC320M BWCC700L
Rated heat input kw 275 320 700
Maximum Gas Flow m³/h 28.1 32.7 68.6
80/60 Maximum load heat output kw 269.5 313.6 686
50/0 Maximum load heat output kw 297 345.6 721
Maximum load 80/60 the thermal efficiency % 98 98 98
Maximum load 50/30 the thermal efficiency % 103 103 103
30% load 30 to 50 thermal efficiency % 108 108 108
The highest water temperature 90 90 90
Lowest/Highest water pressure bar 0/6 0/6 0/6
Heating water capacity (∆T=20) m³/h 11.8 13.7 30.1
Maximum water flow   23.6 27.4 60.2
Flue gas temperature (80/60) <70 <70 <70
Flue gas temperature (50/30) <45 <45 <45
NOx mg/m³ <30 <30 <30
Maximum condensate emissions L/h 23.4 27.2 59
Condensate water PH   4.8 4.8 4.8
Flui interface Φ mm 200 200 250
Gas inerface Φ   R1 R1 R1 1/4
Inlet and outlet connections   R2 R2 Dn100
Gas type NG 12T 12T 12T
Rated fuel gas pressure(dynamic pressure) Pa 2000 2000 3000
Power   220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz
Noise db <50 <50 <50
Maximum power consumption W 1000 1000 1900
Width mm 740 740 1100
Depth mm 1350 1600 1830
Height mm 1350 1350 1630
Weight kg 340 400 720
Heating Area 4500 5300 11700

Wall -mounted boiler manufacturers: Why should we vigorously promote low -nitrogen condensed boilers?  

The problem of energy and environment is two issues that humans are very concerned about the 21st century, and one of the important strategic issues that my country and the world must adhere to sustainable development. Due to the development of the economy, boilers have become an indispensable thermal power device for people's lives, but boiler emissions have also aggravated air pollution. As a result, the advantages of low -nitrogen condensation boilers produced by wall -mounted boilers are reflected.

1. Reasons for promotion of low nitrogen condensation boilers (strong environmental protection)

According to environmental protection requirements, small coal -fired boilers have been vigorously implemented by industrial industries to vigorously implement boiler clean energy transformation projects. Small coal -fired boilers have been changed to new energy devices such as "fuel, gas or electric boiler". Especially in recent years, the haze in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei and the northwest region have been serious, so the country has improved the environmental protection requirements of industrial boilers. Beijing, Zhengzhou, Xi'an and other places have implemented more rigorous NOX emission standards in history, which accelerates the process of market promotion of low -nitrogen condensed boilers with lower energy consumption.

2. Full premixing combustion technology of low -nitrogen condensed boilers (more combustion is more sufficient)

Low nitrogen condensate boiler combustion technology should be more advanced, its pollutant -free index is relatively low, and the proportion of fuel is more appropriate, the combustion is more sufficient, it can greatly reduce the overall energy consumption, and its flame transmission speed is relatively fast and relatively fast. The combustion strength is relatively high, and it can have a methodical continuous supply of heat. The technical staff of wall -hung boiler manufacturers introduced that this kind of low -nitrogen condensed boiler has almost no need to worry about other chemical burning problems.

3. The energy conversion of low nitrogen condensation boilers (its heat efficiency is higher)

Boiler is an energy conversion equipment. Professional low -nitrogen condensation boilers are high -quality heat energy for production and life. For gas boilers, incomplete burning heating loss and ash physical heat loss can be ignored. If you want to improve the efficiency of boilers, you can only reduce the loss of heat dissipation and reduce the temperature of the smoke.

For public projects, wall -hung boiler manufacturers generally recommend the use of municipal heating central heating and user self -built boiler room heating. The use of a low -nitrogen condensed boiler heating system, the low -nitrogen condensation boiler system has very high load adjustment capabilities, which can well match the user's load changes. The operating energy saving effect is significant. Save the cost of operating for users. The low -nitrogen condensed boiler should be in public projects in public projects. Widely used.

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